Eventually, one of the gorillas gets closer and lets Victoria pet him. It looks like she’s been officially accepted!

Later on, Ima gets especially comfortable with Victoria and even wants to be hugged. Then, I get a good laugh when Victoria is laying between the legs of one of the gorillas, and her husband says, “I think I’ve lost my wife.”

What seems like a romantic time between the gorilla and Victoria quickly turns playful when he steals the woman’s baseball cap! Best of all, the curious gorilla decides he wants to wear the hat himself. He places the hat on backward and pats it onto his head. That’s one cool gorilla!

Towards the end of the video, Victoria and the gorilla continue with a sweet cuddling session.

Even if you aren’t a fan of gorillas, this is one of the cutest videos you will ever watch.

While everyone knows gorillas are smart animals, the mature interactions between the humans and the animals were still so astonishing for me.

Watch Victoria and the gorilla’s interactions in the video below.