She’s been hitting the ice since she was two, and picked up a few of her skills from her mom who is both her coach and her mentor. In this clip, from the moment she pushes out onto the ice, she’s got all eyes on her. She’s whipping around with confidence and ease, melting everyone’s hearts as she glides across the ice. She’s even got a few turns, spins, leg lifts and mini jumps up her sleeve!

Riana is wearing an inspired traditional Russian dress that’s been shortened with added sparkles. It’s a deep red with gold embellishments and bells out at the bottom. She’s got an adorable, poufy sleeved white blouse underneath and super glittery beige stockings to complete her outfit and skillset. She’s the whole package!

I can’t quite remember what I was doing at the age of three, but I know there was no way I was gliding across the ice with moves like Riana! You go, girl!

Click below to watch this tiny tot melt the ice with her talent. Her original video has over 7 million views (and we can see why)!