At first, it seems like Enzo didn’t quite recognize where he was. But, then he gets a better and perhaps closer look at the building and immediately starts to whine. He’s upset at the fact that mom and dad have brought him here instead of spending some quality time with him at home or in the great outdoors.

The parents assure everyone that there is nothing wrong with the pup and this visit is just a routine checkup. But, even if it is just a routine checkup, Enzo isn’t having it. He’s getting hyper in the backseat while the parents are laughing at their dog’s reaction. I can’t blame them because it’s a funny sight!

Click on the link below to see Enzo lose it at the sight of the vet’s office! Does he remind you of a doggo you know? If so, share this video with his/her owner and see if they can relate!