Olivia’s parents decided it was time to switch it up and feed their baby girl something new and nutritious – Dad’s got a little bowl of mushy green peas. Mom asks “Olivia, are you ready for your first vegetable?” as dad loads up a spoon and goes in for it. At first, she is eager, mouth open ready for incoming food delivery. But right after she tastes it, and realizes it’s not what she’s been used to the past couple of months, her little face says it all, and it’s priceless.

She is not a fan and wrinkles her forehead, dribbles out her food and just overall hates how her parents have duped her! What is this meal change?! She didn’t sign up for this! In fact, she’s really unimpressed, so when dad goes in for round two, Olivia has made up her mind and says the two words that make her parents die with laughter – “I done.” That’s it! Executive decision made, and she won’t open up her mouth again. She’s disgusted, and her first words have made her sentiment clear! Guess her parents will have to try something else, carrots maybe?

Click below to hear mommy and daddy cackling in the background!