Two-year-old toddler, Bo, is sitting with his older sister, Lydia, who’s playing the song on her guitar. While her voice is sweet and kind, she’s leading the song for her little brother. As she gets going, Bo chirps in words here and there, finishing off the verse Lydia starts. Parents, Amanda and Caleb, love this song. They sang it to Bo while he was recovering from heart surgery, and it has become their theme song.

Amanda says that Bo only knows 12 words and in this video, he’s picking up new words as they go along. In fact, every word he’s ever learned is through music. Surely this is a huge moment for the family who loves and supports the boy immensely. This is such an adorable video, and the duet gets a few more voices near the end!

Click below to watch Bo sing along and make his entire family proud. It’s so good, you might shed a happy tear!

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