In this tear-jerking video, all titles and badges are put aside for a moment. What you see here is a man and his loyal partner in the squad car, together for the last time before parting ways after years of memories and bonding. In this bittersweet moment, the two are cozy in the car, as Agent Schaffer sends out the final call. K9 Faust pokes his head in from the back to nuzzle up closely.

It’s an emotional send-off as the call is received and a female voice pops on. The dispatcher makes a sweet shout-out to the pup, officiating the final shift. Agent Schaffer’s shoulder is occupied by the dog trying to get in closer and lick his face. The Agent turns his head for a quick little kiss on the snout, looking sad and reminiscent. The send-off is complete. It’s a really nice moment and cute way to commemorate the dog’s service. Now, he can go enjoy lounging in the sunshine and eating all the wet food he wants!

Click below to watch this tender moment.