Gerald is a talented, passionate player. His focus is tight and concentrated as his fingers tap and move up and down the keys. Moments into his impromptu performance, however, things become a little more impromptu! Gerald has a fan, a young man, wearing a white t-shirt and backpack who saunters up to get a closer look. His name is Nassim Zaouche from Algeria, and he’s watching Gerald play.

After only mere moments of analyzing, Nassim is able to jump in and play along! He starts slow, trying to figure out a way to enhance Gerald’s playing without stealing his thunder, as well as predict what the next sounds will be. The two start to play up a storm – Gerald’s grin saying it all. The two young men are improvising every second of the song, going with the flow and literally playing off each other’s energy, weaving in and out of high notes and low notes, melody and harmony. This is several minutes of sheer musical perfection – perfect in its imperfections!

Click below to catch all the feels watching these two play for their growing audience at the station, and online – over 39 million views on this one!