Both kids grew up in happy healthy families, living life to the fullest. They were each given opportunities and have grown to become functional adults. Luke even has a two-year-old son! It wasn’t until they were into adulthood that Luke took on the difficult task of locating his sister, who he only knew as Shawny. Luke, based in Baltimore, found someone on Facebook named Shawny, in Las Vegas, who could maybe be his sister. It was only after lots of back and forth that they realized they had found each other!

In this clip on the chat show The Real, the brother and sister are reunited after not seeing each other for 18 years and it’s a beautiful moment! Even better, the two were kept in separate green rooms and given two different menus, yet they both ordered the same thing! Apparently, they even order the exact same sub! That’s some serious sibling love. What a great ending to a long and painful story.

Click below to watch the teary reunion… and the gift the producers give to Shawny and Luke!