2. An Impromptu Performance

Four-year-old Andrea Hinay went out for a casual day at the mall with mom when the sales representatives figure out that Andrea is a born dancer! With a little bit of convincing, the little girl starts breaking into dance in the middle of a shop, and everyone is in love!

To add to the uniqueness of her routine, let me tell you that there’s no music. All you can hear is clapping and cheering, and Andrea is just doing her thing. She also seems to be enjoying herself in this moment, and now that she’s started, she’s determined to dance until she can’t dance any longer!

Check out the little girl create a dancing storm in the mall, below!

3. The Perfect Ballerina In The Making

Talent-based TV shows are so entertaining to watch. Not to mention that you get to see some of the best people in the business, and those who are probably going to go on and become successful.

Enter Bree Hafen, a stay-at-home, mother-of-two. She takes her full-time job as a mom very seriously but through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Bree, the once fantastic dancer, decided she wanted to get back to pursuing her passion. That’s how she found herself on the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage.

Bree gave an incredible audition, dancing her heart out like never before. But, just as she finished up, you hear a little voice say “My turn.” The mom’s two-year-old daughter wants to dance too, and the judges are more than happy to have her show off her skills.

Click below to catch Bree’s story and watch her daughter impress the judges with some cute moves of her own.

4. The Dance Of The Nation

This next video is something different. Matt Bray traveled 10,000 miles, stopping along the way and teaching people some simple dance moves.

He stops people going about their daily routines and simply asks them if they’re interested in learning some moves to “Gone” by JR JR. The steps are simple so that everyone can follow along, and once he got enough people on board, he put the mini clips together and made an incredible video.

Although the video shows people dancing to the song, there is a more meaningful message to this project, and you don’t have to watch it too carefully to figure that out. Matt is trying to show that regardless of everyone coming from different walks of life, we all still have something in common.

It’s a beautiful message, showcased in a fun way. So, click below to watch Matt, and his team put on a great performance!

5. The Dynamic Mom-Son Duo

Ever seen mom and son randomly get up and start dancing. If not, then join the group because neither have I! And if you have, great, we’re giving you another video to add to that database!

You don’t see this often, but in the video below we have a mom and her son enjoying some quality family time, dancing in their kitchen. They’ve got a family member recording their every move. Her son takes mom’s hand, and off they go into a world of their own as they enjoy the music.

Their smiles say everything about how much this moment means to them, and even their family members are full of cheer. We’re hoping that mom and son share more of these moments, and look back at them as fond memories.

Click below to watch their infectious energy and dance!

6. The Ballerina With A Mind Of Her Own

Oh, how I wish I were a part of this dance class!

The clip starts off showing a class full of little kids ready to start. The instructor is most likely at the front of the room, beginning to direct her students; the camera then focuses on the little girl in the pink tutu.

We don’t know what’s going through her head, but as the rest of the class is following the instructions, this little ballerina is in a world of her own! She’s moving her hips, shaking her legs and arms, and dancing like no one is watching, and it’s the best thing that I’ve seen all day! She’s an excellent example of how people should dance as they please and not worry about what others think or say.

The little girl is winning at life, and we encourage you to take a look at her routine, below!

And that’s a wrap! The six instances above are classic examples of the joy dancing can bring into our lives. Do you like to dance? What’s your favorite song and style? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!