After his daughter released his initial video (parts of that footage are shared through the pictures above and below), Kris recorded a song he sings in the car, just for his wife. These sweet gestures go to show just how important his family is for this man. His first two gone-viral videos were recorded in the car, but that doesn’t compromise the quality of his voice or his song choices. In the picture below, taken from the first video that his daughter uploaded on YouTube, you can see the two bonding over Kris’ favorite tune and also dancing along.

After singing in the car while his daughter records, and then again belting out a tune for his wife sometime later, Kris is now singing the cover of another song, but with a different setting. He seems to be singing from the comfort of his own home and looks quite laid back in jeans and a white tee. Again, his attire and comfortable setting, however, don’t detract from his voice.

Kris weaves magic the moment he begins to sing, doing all the justice to his chosen tune. His tone is warm, and his range is impeccable, all to the point that he makes the original track sound just a bit weak in comparison to how he’s singing. Not everyone can do justice to an original song, and that’s justified because sometimes the stakes are high. But, in my opinion, Kris not only does justice, but he also makes it his own by adding his unique twist to it — that’s a true singer!

We’re glad Kris got introduced to the world when he did because he’s a talented singer that deserves the spotlight. Here’s hoping for a bright future for him ahead.

To give you a little bit on Kris’ journey, everyone already knows that he was featured on “The Ellen Show.” It was on this episode with Ellen that Kris admitted that he’s been singing his whole life, but professionally he’s a contractor, and that job is important because it pays the bills. While in conversation with the sitcom star, Kris also admitted that he had some big news for his fan:  It was then revealed that he’d be a part of “The Voice.” 2017 looked bright for him!

All-in-all, the singer dad has had a great run so far, and we’re hoping to see more of him shortly!

Until then, click on the link below and watch Kris’ latest cover, we assure you won’t be disappointed!