Todd’s few-month-old trailer song has already reached half a million views on YouTube and is blowing the viewers away. Several commenters tell the now singer that he has made the right decision to sing gospel songs.

As for the trailer for the Christian movie, it features the story of MercyMe’s singer, Bart Billard, who grew up with a divorced, physically and emotionally abusive father, Arthur. However, Arthur is shocked when his forgiving son graciously takes care of him after he becomes terminally ill. That’s when Arthur discovers the Lord and has a dramatic turnaround, a true miracle. Up until the final seconds of his life, Bart and Arthur form a father-son relationship.

The cover sung by Todd is a very popular religious tune that was inspired by Bart’s new-founding relationship with his father, however, many do not realize this. It’s a heart-warming song regardless of knowing how it came about.

If “I Can Only Imagine” is a movie you’re interested in, keep your eyes peeled for the DVD version that’s planned to be released June 12, 2018, or catch it on iTunes this month.

Check out this beautiful cover in the “I Can Only Imagine” trailer below.