Once the judges gave her the go-ahead, this soft-spoken, big-smiled woman started to undress on stage. She tears off her sweater, undoes her hair, throws off her glasses and crawls out of her skirt to reveal what she’s wearing underneath. Like a snake that’s shed its skin, Jenny is now decked out in head-to-toe black leather, and looks like a rock star!

Of course, she chooses an AC/DC “Highway To Hell” to really shake up the audience and take them for a ride. As if the whole room wasn’t already flabbergasted when Jenny took off her clothes to show off her hidden rocker outfit underneath, once this leading lady opened her mouth to sing, she had everyone’s attention. Between her vocal distortion, the roughness and raspiness of her voice and the way she nails every single note all while raising a little hell, Jenny is a legend and crushes this song. And that last note? Total rock shock.

Click below to catch Jenny really jam out of her comfort zone.