The man in the blue seems to move a little bit more than the man in the green jacket (you can tell by looking at their feet when they turn), but both are equally talented.

Besides the skillful dancing, another thing that makes this video so great is their smiles throughout the whole thing! They’re infectious, and it really lets you know that they’re having a good time. 

They’re an unlikely duo. It’s not every day that you see two men dancing hip-hop in sync, but they’re entertaining nonetheless. The video doesn’t seem to have any music, but that’s the least of it, as watching them bust out awesome dance moves is satisfying enough.

Age really is just a number when it comes to having fun, and these two men are a testament to that.

For anyone out there who thinks that they can’t learn anything new because they’re too old (even though you’re only 30) let these grandfathers inspire you!

Have an iPhone at 75, pick up skateboarding at 40, learn how to finally drive at 35, or try the violin at 20. You’re never too old, and life’s too short to care anyway. 

If you’d like to watch this grandfather duo dancing, feel free to click the video down below!

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