When the Canadian Tenors, now known as just The Tenors, took the stage, they were fully prepared to perform their version of this popular classic. Their beautiful harmonies lent themselves perfectly to the powerful, melodic song. Their voices blended perfectly as they performed, with their own style standing out.

The group gave a stellar performance through the first and second verses, mesmerizing the audience with their voices. They appeared calm and professional as they performed, but they had no idea that their professionalism was about to be tested. Suddenly, the backdrop slid open to reveal none other than Celine Dion, arguably the most famous Canadian artist of all time!

She joined The Tenors on stage as they collected themselves to finish the song they started — they had to quickly control their surprised reactions. All of the voices on stage blended as they performed the third verse.

Watch the beautiful performance in the video below and see The Tenors’ reaction to their surprise guest.