Patches is one handy horse to have around. While he’s considered a very good friend, he is also a part of the family. “Every time we start to go somewhere, he just acted like he wanted to go with us. So I said to Robert, he acts like he wants to go…Why don’t we fix the car so he can get in and out?” And fix the car is exactly what they did.

But instead of cruising around and making mischief, this funny trio goes out to pick up food and enjoy the ride. At home, Patches fetches beers, picks up the phone and there’s a spot for him on the couch too! And if that wasn’t enough, Patches gets his own bed to lay down his head at night and with a blanket that he pulls up with his teeth. I think it’s safe to say that he’s practically human!

Click below to watch this horse just kick it with the dudes like he’s one of them!