As a schoolgirl was walking by, she couldn’t help but notice the sign on the lonely piano that read “Play Me.” And so she took the piano up on its offer, playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” a beautiful, serene song selection.

Until two pilots show up and decide, they want to shake things up a little bit and choose something more rock ‘n roll. The one pilot pushes his way on to the piano, “Excuse me, love…” he says to the girl. He bangs a few keys to test out the piano, as the other pilot nears in. The girl looks very confused, but she steps aside patiently as the two not-so-gentle men start to hammer away.

But then it turns out alright because she’s able to join in on their boogie-woogie, rock ‘n roll duet. All three are jamming out creating some tremendous musical energy that’s lively and fills the airport corridor with joy and fun! People stop what they’re doing to hang out and listen as the three pianists share the piano. One of the pilots is a renowned professional player, Brendan Kavanagh, who’s been known to dress up and surprise unsuspecting strangers! This performance is an entertaining surprise!

Click below to watch how this fun musical performance goes down!