Mathea-Mari one day wants to become a professional singer and is doing everything in her power to get herself there, starting with a bang on audition. She coyly makes her way on stage, holding her microphone. The music begins, and her voice is soft and quiet. Mathea-Mari is nervous as she begins the song, her vocals sounding unsure and unsteady.

Once she feels a little more warmed up vocally and feels more comfortable in front of the large crowd ahead of her, something changes. She’s able to access the power she has inside. The best part is when she’s fully gained confidence in her voice and herself, and pulls the microphone away from her face and projects loudly, clearly and with heartfelt intention! Not only has she moved the audience, but she’s moved, realizing her full potential. This is total girl power!

Click below to watch Mathea-Mari breathe new life into the oldie but goldie “Annie” classic!