It’s important to take a minute and smell the roses – or listen to beautiful music put on by street and subway performers! It’s a reminder to see the beauty in all things, even if you are in a rush to the next stop. Mike Yung has been performing in New York Subways for 37 years, so it’s not a surprise that when this man sings, people stop and listen. His heart and soul is projected through his voice, and with a slow, stirring classic song like The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody,” this is a performance you want to stop for.

At first, there’s no crowd, but once Mike breaks into song and drums up his soulful voice along with his two friends on percussion and guitar, they are full swing into a mini-performance. Mike gives the thumbs up to one man. Some folks stop and listen. Others who pay and carry on, and one guy who forgoes his train to stick around and listen while waiting for the next one. Even as the subway goes by, Mike doesn’t crack, delivering a world-class performance in the underbelly of New York that’s enough to make anyone, even me, become a little more engaged!

Click below to watch Mike shine brightly on his underground stage.