The boy chose Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece,” the emotionally turbo-charged song about the heartache she endured when her father left her at such a young age. It’s a song that goes through her turmoil as a child and how she’s had to pick up the pieces along the way especially if she wanted to have a healthy, functional relationship.

Sadly, Tomos can relate. His father left when he was just 5. His mom says, “It was a tough time for him. He couldn’t quite understand and grasp what was happening…but it is possible to come out the other end and be well adjusted and happy and talented like he is.”

Tomos delivered with all his might, a beautiful, sweet angelic voice that came from a place of pain. In the end, he received some encouraging feedback from all three judges, but it was judge Danny who experienced a really deep reaction – he started to tell his story, one presumably like Tomos’ but he just couldn’t! He stopped short, choked up with emotion. He was truly touched.

Click below to watch this heart-heavy performance.