Crissy Ashcroft joined the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with high hopes. She was thrilled to serve her country and to help make the world a better, safer place for everyone. She was stationed in Afghanistan, along with troops from all over the world. And like many other deployed troops, she was the victim of an attack. Crissy survived, with injuries, and was sent home — but this was only the beginning of a war of her own.

She was treated for her physical injuries but found herself suffering from anxiety and depression. She struggled with flashbacks and sought treatment for PTSD. She found that singing helped her to feel better and heal.

Eventually, she decided to share her musical talent with the world and auditioned for “The Voice: Global.” But, it was her song choice that stunned everyone and brought the audience and judges to tears. Chrissy decided to sing “When The War Is Over” by Cold Chisel.

Watch Chrissy’s emotional audition in the video below.