Shane’s mom left to go down the street to pick up another one of her kids, leaving Shane alone in his room when he heard the door open. He thought it was his mother returning, so he came downstairs to greet her, but instead, came face to face with a stranger wearing a ski mask. Shane says it felt like a different kind of robbery because he was closing in on the boy, chasing him up the stairs and not eyeing anything in the house. “It seemed like he wanted me cause when he saw me he just slowly walked toward me and he didn’t look at anything else, he just kept his eyes on me.”

But in the nick of time, the family’s pit bull Baby Girl charged forward and put up a fight protecting Shane. Baby Girl and the man started to fight and wrestle as she went straight for his legs and eventually chased him out of the house. Shane then ran to his neighbor’s house to call the police and try to catch the intruder. This boy is lucky because this sounds like such a strange break-and-enter. Baby Girl is an angel that saved his life and is now the family’s hero.

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