The little girl instantly knew what was going on and quickly stomped back into the room with an angry face, snatching the maracas and placing them back on the couch. (Bad daddy!)

Again and again, the girl’s dad grabs the maracas when she leaves, and she storms back into the room each time when she hears their sound. Dad, didn’t you get the memo? When a toddler says no, that means no!

Instead of just taking the maracas with her or hiding them in a swift spot, the girl trusted that her dad would listen to her frustrated no’s and read her very clear body language each time she lectured him. Did Daddy listen? Nope, not at the least!

If an angry toddler isn’t the cutest ever, I don’t know what is. They surely are a joy to be around!

What was the funniest thing your toddler ever said or did?

To get a good laugh, watch the full video below!