After having already slept on the side of the Alaskan highway, they figured they would set up for the night in the park – the park closes at 11 pm. Ron wasn’t surprised when a Eugene Police Lieutenant, who was patrolling the park, knocked on the car window to question to the family at 10:30.

The officer’s response even caught their four-year-old off guard after Ron asked, “Is there are any trouble officer?” After a couple of words exchanged, Lt. David Natt didn’t give the family any grief or problems for trespassing. Instead, he did something no one was expecting.

After Ron declined the offer twice, Lt. Natt insisted that he and his family take him up on his offer to put them for two nights at a local motel, paid for with funds donated by a local church for police discretion specifically for situations like this one. Lt. David says he’s just abiding by the motto, “Protect, serve and care.” What a kind-hearted gesture for a family making a big transition. This was huge for the Wood family and helped them get back on their feet.

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