With some help from the “Today” celebrity style team, Louis Licari and Jill Martin worked their magic to surprise these two lovebirds. Jo and Kevin both prefer function over style, and hadn’t given much thought to their looks over the years. Both were originally wearing baggy clothes and donning long scraggly hair – and Kevin’s beard? Down to his chest. He even mentions how he was in a beard contest once. Together, these fun-lovin’ bikers are a match made in heaven, but it was time for a little upgrade!

And upgrade they did! Louis and Jill did quite the number on this couple, and they both stepped out looking fantastic, shaving years off their appearance! The look on their faces when they saw each other was priceless and totally worth it. They are just as much in love today – with or without new clothes – as they were nearly half a century ago.

Click below to watch this epic transformation. It’s just too good!