After the parents-to-be popped a giant, black balloon, out came blue confetti, indicating that they would be having a bouncing baby boy. Party guests were thrilled with the results! Regardless of the gender, a baby is always a blessing.

However, party poppers were passed out, and it was announced that they might have lied about the whole thing. The party poppers would reveal the true gender; so there was still a chance that the baby could be a girl. Surely, guests were excited to know the truth. Many were probably assuming it would, in fact, be a girl at this point (and that was the intent).

Once the guests used the party poppers, out came blue confetti. Wait, what? So they didn’t lie about the initial gender? No, wait — they are expecting two baby boys!

The crowd roared even louder as they believed they were learning about the true gender of a single baby when really, they were discovering a second baby’s gender.

If one baby wasn’t already astounding, another was thrown into the mix. As they say, it’s double the cuddles, double the kisses, and double the love (and during their terrible twos, double the trouble!).

Check out the gender reveal below! It’s certainly quite creative if you ask me.

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