Patrick was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He was eventually given two artificial eyes and a wheelchair so he could be mobile. At the very beginning of his life, Patrick’s parents were devastated their newborn son wouldn’t ever be able to walk or see, but it was one encounter that would change the quality of his life forever. Before even one year on the planet, Patrick was plopped in front of a piano and was able to figure out his way of playing it. His mom would simply tap a few keys, and this barely one-year-old infant could play back what he heard.

“You could go up and hit a note no matter where it was on the piano. And within one or two tries, he would find that exact note. By his second birthday, he was playing requests like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” says his mom. It was in this moment that a ray of hope shined through, and dad realized that maybe baseball was out of the question, but playing music together definitely wasn’t.

This was the beginning of a more fulfilling life for the family. Patrick learned to play and play he did! At school performances, and in a marching band. With the fierce love and commitment of his father, the two have been able to live life to the fullest, really providing Patrick with a powerful outlook on life, “God made me blind and unable to walk. Big Deal. He gave me the musical gifts I have and the great opportunity to meet new people.”

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