With a projection of a moving, celestial church in the background, Catie’s vocals take off immediately. Her pronunciation and command of her voice with a powerful emphasis and sense of inflection helps shape and make her performance so bang on. This song choice was excellent for her. What’s more, she has this intangible charm that lights up the stage! Only moments into the beginning of her song, she’s smiling while singing, and it’s so easy to hear that joy reflected in her sound!

Catie’s proud parents are off to the side, in tears! Then the judges weigh in, and they too sing her praises. Especially Katy, who says “…Whatever happens, I would personally like to sing with you. I don’t know what that looks like in the future. But I think you are exactly as you should be.” To which all three judges agreed, and Luke Bryant says “…You can win this thing, by the way.”

Click below and watch Catie flex her pipes in this performance that’ll have you believing in something.