It all started when he was singing at a wedding four years ago at his parish, and someone posted a video of it online. It immediately went viral on YouTube. He says this was when the phones started ringing off the hook, telling him of his newfound fame. He went from 1,000 views to 2,000 views, and it just kept going and going and not stopping! The 64-year-old couldn’t believe it, but it gave him the confidence he needed to apply to “Britain’s Got Talent” – a show he loves and has been watching for years. He might be the first singing priest to win and perform in front of the royal family.

From the moment he steps on stage, he is fearless. In fact, he’s quite funny and charming! Simon asks him about exorcism, and he has some witty comebacks that win over the audience. And his voice? Wonderful. He’s got so much emotion that you can hear it in the way he sings. It sounds like everyone’s pain or joy he’s ever been apart of is channeled through his voice. He is a filter that takes it all in and creates something beautiful for everyone around him to enjoy.

This performance is exceptional. Click below to watch what this man brings to the stage!