Laurinha Victoria noticed a Giraffas (a Brazilian fast food chain) employee walk over with a tray of food to a seated customer. The man had an arm and leg disability, and according to Laurinha, he had asked her if she wouldn’t mind grabbing the tray when it was ready. Just as she got up to pick up the order, she saw an employee walking it over to the man. And it gets even more heartwarming. Rather than just giving the man the food and walking away, he sits down and starts to spoon-feed the man his meal.

Alongside the post of this video, Laurinha includes “Today, I was overwhelmed with emotion, with tears in my eyes when I saw this scene at the North Mall food square. This is real charity, what a beautiful thing. I went to him and said, ‘What a beautiful gesture, God bless you.’”

The employee’s kindness did not go unnoticed. His name is Bruno de Oliveira Sacramento and he is 17-years-old working as an intern.

Click below to watch this pivotal moment of deep kindness. It’s very moving.