In his “Britain’s Got Talent” audition, Calum reprises Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” (also done by Jackson 5) for the judges. He’s showed up to perform with his immediate and extended family as his support system. While onstage, Calum doesn’t give off the slightest bit of nerves, and he’s got everyone’s attention right from the first note he hits, which isn’t a piece of cake. This kid’s got soul, and it’s perfectly showcased in his song choice. The judges are floored by his range, as is the audience. Who knew such powerhouse of a voice could come out of the mouth of a child?

Calum continues to belt his voice with emotion and feeling. He takes the stage like he’s done it a hundred times (which he probably has in grocery stores!), his presence strong and stable. His family, off to the side of the stage, is delighted. They know they’ve got a star in the making! And it gets even better when he’s done – just after he wraps his singing, his little brother comes hurtling out to hug him alongside mom. Calum breaks down into heartfelt tears as the crowd goes wild and the judges sing his praises.

Poor little guy, but he should be very proud of himself and his wonderful talent! I’m positive we’ll be seeing a lot more of Calum!

Click below to watch this moving performance.