But, the search resumed as soon as the sun was out the next morning, and to everyone’s relief, the little girl was found by 8 AM.

It’s no doubt that the rescue team and police officers are a true set of heroes in this scenario. But, if there’s someone who is to be thanked for saving Aurora from danger and keeping her warm and alive, it has to be 17-year-old Max, the family’s blue heeler pet dog.

Aurora’s grandma bumped into Max on her way up a mountainous terrain, which the little girl had climbed. As per reports, Max left Aurora’s side for a brief moment when he figured that help was on its way. As soon he came into contact with grandma, he quickly led her to the girl, where a tearful reunion took place.

Max is partially deaf and blind, yet he remained beside his little human, ensuring that nothing happened to her. They’re saying that Aurora was curled up amongst Max’s fur all night and the dog helped her stay warm and sheltered from the rain until someone came to rescue the two.

This story goes to show the loyalty dogs have towards owners and how important it is for children to grow up with their canine friends. We’re so glad that Max and Aurora are reunited with their family! Thank you, Max, for keeping little Aurora safe, we dub thee, hero!