While trying to decide on a song to sing, her father suggested “Call Me,” a song from the 80’s by Blondie. The song fits her personality perfectly, and her performance was brilliant. Her star power didn’t go unnoticed.

“You were something special when we first saw you. Now, you’ve taken your style and made us believers in your style. There’s a word called personality that goes along with celebrity, that goes along with a hit record, that goes along with a career,” said Lionel Richie.

Katy Perry was immensely impressed: “I just love your whole package. I love who you are. Never change!”

And country star Luke Bryan praised her talent: “I’ll tell you what, I couldn’t quit watching you. That’s the main thing; we’re trying to find people that when they walk out, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, what’s she going to do next?’ So, you’re quirky and crazy Catie, but we love you. Your voice is always there, and it never lets us down!”

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