When you get pulled over by a cop or have an encounter with one of them, you may be pretty intimidated. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong, their presence is pretty imposing, and you can’t help but wonder what’s about to happen next. But, it’s important to remember that it is their job to protect us and that at the end of the day, they are citizens of the community, just as we are. We should respect them and their position, but remember that they are more like us than we think.

Just like us, police officers like to have a little bit of fun, even at work. Of course, work is supposed to be a serious place, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have the opportunity to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves occasionally. In fact, it’s good for productivity and morale!

The police officers in this video have a particular way of blowing off some steam and showing their talent in the process. An elevator shows two officers, and right away, one starts stomping his feet, then the other officer joins in, and they’re making a musical beat. As more officers enter the elevator, they join in and pretty soon, they’re giving a fantastic performance.

Watch these talented officers in the video below and please like and share!

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