On the other hand, there are times when one becomes two and two times just isn’t twice as good! It can get real weird, real quick like these unexpected extra twinsies. Here are 12 confounding pics of doubles that really were better off as singles.

12. They’re… banoodleing!??
I mean, on the upswing, it would add double the banana deliciousness to my morning smoothie. But really, what happened here for this to be a thing?

11. If only the one stick had two popsicles
Boo-urns. Better luck next time!


10. Extra-extra sunny side up
Does this mean the chicks would have been twins? Apparently, the chances of this happening are 1 in 1,000. And for a triple yolker (you know your mind went there!), you’re looking at 1 in 25 million!


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