On December 2, 2012, the remaining members of Led Zeppelin were celebrated at the 35th annual Kennedy Centre Honors in Washington DC. And, for Led Zeppelin’s biggest, most iconic song, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart stepped up to the plate to deliver the classic. Onstage was a massive ensemble that featured a choir plus orchestra, and took the audience on a wild journey through the buildup and climax of the memorable tune.

Between the footage of what’s happening on stage, and how Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones are reacting, it’s a pretty emotional performance. The band is missing the late John Bonham on drums, but as a tribute, his son Jason Bonham was part of the performance that evening.

Robert starts to tear up midway perhaps because John Bonham’s son looks remarkably like his father, or because they’re celebrating 35 years. Regardless, this climactic number will send goosebumps down anyone’s spine. Anne’s vocals are spot on and came as a close second to Robert’s pipes!

Click below to get all the feels with this one. It’s wow. Even Barack and Michelle Obama looked speechless.