Catie Turner, only 17-years-old, walked into her “American Idol” audition a little discombobulated, thinking she had made a wrong turn. She realizes she walked into the right place and instantly turns on her A-game. She is hyper, talkative, says what’s on her mind and is a ball of joy! Her outfit is a collaborative effort – a melange of go-go boots, a sailor hat, and a girly pink t-shirt dress. Her outfit makes it somewhat challenging to pinpoint her style and voice, but it also really works for her!

From the get-go, Catie has the judges’ attention, and they’re questioning how much caffeine she’s consumed! She explains she doesn’t drink it, and that she’s written a song to perform. What happens next is unlike what the judges are used to seeing. So much so, Lionel Ritchie calls her a martian, but what I think he means is that her “otherworldly presence” is what this planet could use more of!

Click below to watch or re-watch this unforgettable performance.