The two were selected as a part of the “Today Show’s” Ambush Makeover segment, after spending the morning outside of the Rockefeller Plaza. Hairstylist Louis Licari and Today contributor Jill Martin worked their magic to give these ladies looks that could kill! And did they ever succeed! Beth, who is a nurse, says she lives in pajamas and scrubs. She cuts her own hair and dyes it once in a while to cover the greys. Anna is the older sister and says she doesn’t know how to dress but loves her jeans. She’s also never colored her hair and is excited and nervous for a change.

Their reveals are astonishing, shaving 20 years off their appearance, easy! From makeup to haircuts and color, plus full-on new outfits, these young ladies are ready to hit the town in style!

Catch this double-header makeover by clicking the link below!