Thanks to a dedicated team of employees at the Harrison County Animal Shelter, a little ingenuity and creative marketing helped the shelter go from a full house to not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! By implementing a few more social media hacks than usual, the team was able to get every single animal adopted! Even a cat that had been there for three months.

It’s pretty clever actually. First off, they made a sweet little profile for each animal on Facebook. Next, they gave each kitty and dog a fun name. That’s why Lil’ Kim (a small dog) got adopted no problem. Disney-themed names seemed to be popular too! The office manager says, “A lot of kids come in here and are like, “Oh my gosh, that’s Elsa! I’ve got to have Elsa!” Another small but critical difference that led to more adoptions is including the location where the animal was found. An unbelievable amount of animal returns to owners went up 75%!

It seems like this happy story is coming from all over the world! After Harrison County Animal Shelter, the Hawaiian Humane Society also reported that each one of their animals had found a forever home, and their shelter is also empty! Click below to watch the happy news!