Have you ever felt the same when watching movies? Do you have a list of the worst costume fails in the history of film jotted in your head? If so, then check out the one we’ve compiled below to see which ones made your list, and which ones you should add!

1. “Django Unchained” 

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the fashion trend of a fresh pair of sunnies, let me tell you that Americans didn’t start wearing them until 1929. For some unexplained reason, Jamie Foxx is way ahead of the game as he rocks a pair of crisp sunglasses throughout this Tarantino classic, which was set about 70 years before 1929. Fashion foreshadowing?

2. “Braveheart”

Ok, so everyone knows that this movie takes place in the 1300s, right? So, why is Mel Gibson’s character sporting a kilt throughout the film when Scottish people didn’t introduce this piece into their wardrobe until the 16th century? Interesting.


3. “My Girl”

So, Vada had a mood ring in this film — a different story that mood rings didn’t come into the market until three years after this movie was released.

4. “Pirates of the Carribean”

It may be a bit easy to miss, so we’ll point this one out for you. There’s a random cowboy in the background of this scene — I guess the pirate look wasn’t really his thing.


These aren’t the only costume fails that we’re talking about. Click on the next page and experience more facepalming moments in film costume history!