The mother knew right away that this was something she had to post online for others to see. Truthfully, there’s nothing I’d rather want to watch than this today, or even better, on Saint Patrick’s Day!

Some may say that the baby’s moves are typical as they exercise their tiny leg muscles before the crawling and walking stages. Of course, we have all witnessed infants kicking their legs, and this is exactly what this baby did. However, with the addition of Ronan Hardiman’s song, “Cry of the Celts” playing in the video, it did seem like the baby was river dancing.

At some parts of the video, the camera pans in on the baby’s face, and we can see the joy in its eyes. Then right when we think the child is tired out, he/she quickly busts out a variety of new moves as the perfect finale to their mini-performance.

I think this little angel certainly made one of the top river dances on the web, don’t you agree?

Check out the baby’s sweet river dance moves in the video below!

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