Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, has added his special touch again! Angela sought to shed her old self, and get a new lease on life. On the confessional camera just before her makeover, Angela shares how even though her husband loves her long hair, she didn’t feel like herself anymore. She wanted a change, and after watching “House Of Cards,” Angela knew she wanted Robin Wright’s short and stylish pixie cut.

This woman’s got zero fear, and with the first big snip, there’s goes her two feet of long hair. Angela told Christopher to hold on to it though because she has a friend in need who wants to make a wig out of it – and with that much hair, her friend will have a beautiful wig. What a thoughtful gift!

The moment most of the hair was cut, Angela’s look of relief is evident as she sighs and gasps with peace. She is also wearing a huge smile on her face and is in love with her stunning transformation.

Click below to watch the full overhaul take place! This one is big!