The video opens to grandma bobbing around standing, with her walker. Her caretaker is on the phone, and her granddaughter (presumably) is off to the side, starting a dance party. There’s some bumping hip-hop music playing, and just as grandma gets into it a little more, the caregiver ends the call, and snatches grandma’s walker!

This woman isn’t your average grandma, however, or your average caretaker. The two women are close because grandma didn’t flinch once her walker was removed. She didn’t sit back down. She didn’t falter. This woman danced a little more fiercely, almost in a dance-off with the caretaker, who continued to encourage and believe in her. Granny’s moves sliding across the floor, paired with her attitude and finger-snapping, sets her apart. All three generations of women are just busting a move, enjoying each other’s company and reliving (or living) out their youth.

Grandma is the star in this video surrounded by lots of love and laughter – the camerawoman cannot contain her giggles, and when a man walks into the room with a big smile, catching a glimpse of all the live action, you know this is something special. A really lovely moment that’s a reminder of no matter how serious life gets, how many trials and tribulations one must go through at any age, a few laughs and cheers is some of the best medicine.

Click below to watch this hilarious moment unfold.

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