Most people would be terrified to see a lone wolf in their path let alone stand in the middle of a wolf sanctuary. But, that’s exactly what Shawn James and his friend Baker did. For a good cause, the pair stood in the middle of the W.O.L.F Sanctuary in Bellevue, Colorado to raise awareness for the safety of the wolves who are sometimes treated terribly, and played a song.

Shawn sings and plays his guitar as Baker plays his instrument, and together they cover “American Hearts” by A.A. Bondy in the middle of the snowfall. Behind them? Wolves minding their own business.

The pair went to raise awareness, but they got a gift in return. About a minute into the song, the wolves start howling, and it’s such a crazy and amazing thing to hear!

They artists smile as the wolves sing along with them. They howl and bark for a whole minute and a half before settling down again. As they play, you can see a few of the wolves walking around behind them.

It’s a beautiful video that you don’t want to miss, so if you’d like to give it a watch, just click the video down below!