The desperate parents were devastated and calling out for their daughter. They went around the area asking people if they’d seen Qifeng, but no one knew where she had ventured off to.

The couple spent the next few years searching for their child but to no avail. They even went to the Children’s Welfare Home to get some answers by sorting through the missing person records. They also advertised online and in newspapers to see if anyone had any answers for them. Nothing.

In 2015, Wang became a taxi driver and figured it would be a good idea to put a “missing person” sticker on the back of his cab. Because he didn’t have a picture of Qifeng, Wang used his younger daughter’s image in place of hers; the two had looked very similar in their childhood. He felt that maybe one day his daughter could even be one of his passengers in the taxi — you never know!

The family had no luck until very recently when a police sketch artist sketched a picture of what Qifeng could look like in her adult years. A woman named Kang Ying, about 12 miles away from the family, was surprised to see that the sketch on the Internet looked exactly like her. She eventually made her way to Wang and his family, and they had a heartfelt reunion — Kang Ying was Qifeng!

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