This teenager decided to sing Andrea Bocelli’s “Time To Say Goodbye” and instantly had the judges’ approval. As soon as the music begins to play, one of the judges immediately recognizes the tune and puts her hand over her heart. We all know that Andrea is a favorite amongst the masses.

Standing in a colorful tunic, and hair pinned neatly on both sides, Solomia initially looks a little bit nervous. This nervousness is granted of course — it’s no easy feat to perform on stage, for a show that is being aired all around the world. The anxiousness that’s on her face though is quickly wiped off as soon as she starts to sing.

You can’t imagine that such a powerful voice is stored inside a tiny body, but as soon as she begins to project her vocals, the judges are instantly bowled over! The buzzers were beeping seconds into the performance.

Watch the clip below and keep an eye out for each of their reactions — you may need a tissue for this one!