Little bro sets the stage. Holding a microphone that’s far too large for his tiny hands, the piano leads him into the first line – he adorably misses his cue. His teacher’s head pops in from the side, to help guide him into the song and off he goes. It’s at the chorus that big brother steps in to sing, too. He’s a little bit shy, as young brother keeps up the pace and vocals – good thing they have each other!

The best part about this video is all the little “mistakes” and funny kid behavior they make. At one point, little bro starts poking his finger at the mic then, later on, sits down, presumably because he’s bored. Big bro is holding the mic too far from his mouth until the teacher helps bring it in closer. Little bro spaces out then comes back full speed. It’s just all too precious! Absolute cuteness overload!

Click below to watch the whole song!