It just so happened that a family friend knew Brandon and Sara’s musical idols were playing a show only an hour away. She figured she had nothing to lose, and wrote to the band, asking them if they wouldn’t mind making a detour to make an appearance and play the first song the newlyweds dance to, which was actually the band’s song they chose anyway! The group agreed to show up for a super epic wedding crash!

It was at the reception, in front of the huge family in the barn, as little sis was making her speech, she nonchalantly passed the mic by saying, “I am not musically inclined at all… and thought we needed a little extra help for the surprise for you guys, so, I will hand it off to them…” and in walks the special musical guests.

Both the bride and groom break down in the best way possible. What a special gift, all because a family friend took a chance to send an email. This video rocks.

Click below to see this enchanting moment straight out of a fairytale!