As a registered nurse, Sharon could tell that the woman’s trembling was actually a symptom of Parkinson’s disease. Even Jeffrey could sense that the trembling woman was having difficulty from down the aisle. So, he approached her and asked if she could stand up and walk towards the front of the plane where he gave her a seat in first class.

On her Facebook page, Sharon goes into more detail:

“He noticed that a lady in coach class had Parkinson’s disease and without blinking an eye, he went to her and guided her – by the hand – to a free seat in first class! Like WHAT???? A colleague of mine who was also on the flight, helped him get her into first class.”

It turns out that Jeffrey’s grandmother also had Parkinson’s, so he knew the warning signs and what to do. He even turned down Sharon’s professional help and said “I got this,” as this was a very personal matter to him. Sharon returned to her seat in tears, touched by the profound moment!