Paige and Artyon are dancing to Celine Dion’s “Beauty and the Beast” from the 1991 Disney classic. They are dressed to the nines as if they actually stepped out of the movie and danced their way onto the stage. Paige is wearing Belle’s iconic yellow cake dress and Artyon is decked out in the Beast’s blue, crushed velvet, gold trimmed jacket.

In this sweet dance, both Paige and Artyon see each other from opposite sides of the stage and greet each other in the middle with a bow and curtsey. They lock arms and walk towards the audience where the real dancing magic happens. Artyon is spinning Paige, and then they embrace and pause before she does an outstanding leg lift and he catches her; then they spin again. The duo does more spins and flips, but wait until you see Artyon tumble across the stage near the end! What a beautiful and technical performance!

These two are sensational, and both are only 7-years-old! They took home first place and it’s safe to say that both Paige and Artyon are headed towards the big leagues. Who knows what these two are capable of in a few years!

Click below to watch this miniature poetry in motion.