In this video, three siblings – an older sister, younger brother and little sis – are greeted with a wrapped gift on the ground. It’s a rather large looking box with a bow on top. They are standing around, hovering and anxious about what’s inside. Their curiosity is piqued, eager to find out what their surprise is!

Mom is just to the side, and she prompts them to “Work together, and lift up the box.” They waste zero time revealing its contents, and what happens next is hilarious. They are so overjoyed and overcome with emotion; it’s exactly as if all three of them are caught between two big waves!

Each kid breaks down. Little sis scrunches up her face, hysterically crying. Big sis covers her mouth, her face in absolute shock and disbelief. Little brother jumps up, holding his head and is the only one that can form coherent words.

This is a really funny over-the-top dramatic reaction to what’s supposed to be a wonderful gift. Check it out below!